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1) Teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the world's premier hardwood timbers, rightly famous for its mellow color, fine grain and durability. It occurs naturally only in India, Myanmar.


2) It is indigenous to India. It prefers deep well-drained loamy soils, but can come up on a variety of soils.


3) PRETREATMENT: Either boiling water treatment; or immersion in cold water for several days;


scorching in light fire of leaves and grass;


alternate soaking and drying for 48 hours each for 12 to 15 days;


acid treatment; or weathering; or placing the seeds in a paste of cowdung and water for few days.

 4) NURSERY TECHNIQUE : Pretreated seeds are put in big primary beds and beds watered copiously every day. Germination takes place in 10 to 20 days.

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