Growth and Development Combo (Farmtone NPK 19:19:19 3 Kg + HUBEL Humic Acid 95% 1 Kg)
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Farmtone NPK 19:19:19 :

FARMTONE is a 100% water soluble fertilizer. Nitrogen helps plant make the proteins they need to produce new tissues.
Phosphorous stimulates root growth. Potassium improves overall vigor of plant.


  • Purity

  • High effectiveness

  • Non-toxic nature

HUBEL - Humic Acid 95% :

HUBEL is a combination of Super Potassium Humate and Fulvic Acid.It has excellent benefits with nutrients and compost. Hence mix with vermicompost/microbial compost HUBEL.

HUBEL is a unique soil conditioner, a naturally occurring organic substance consisting primarily of Humic Acid and minor levels of minerals, gypsum, and clays. The molecular structure of HUBEL provides numerous benefits to crop production. It eases organic material. Incorporation into the soil, acceleration its decomposition & nutrient utilization and eventually increases the carbon content of the soil.

  • Hubel enhances decompositions and the formation or organic matter in the soil.

  • It helps soil desalination.

  • It increases root mass and Brix level.

  • It enhances vegetative growth.

  • It increases the organic (Carbon) percentage in the soil.

  • It helps to increase the water-holding capacity of the soil and helps to resist drought.

  • It increases aeration of the soil, membrane permeability, plant respiration, photosynthesis cell division, and enlargement.

  • It improves soil humid structure and viability.

  • It increases the germination of seeds and viability.

HUBEL is suitable for all kinds of crops:

Sugarcane, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fibrous plants, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Cash Crops, Plantation and medicinal Crops, and Kitchen Gardening.

Dosage: Farmtone NPK 19:19:19 3 KG PER ACRE + HUBEL - Humic Acid 95% 1 KG PER ACRE 

Stage of Application :

Initial Growth Stage First 20 days For Soil Drenching

Package Content:

Farmtone NPK 19:19:19 3 Kg + HUBEL Humic Acid 95% 1 Kg

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Address of origin: No. 308, Haridarshan Arcade, Near Balaji Hall 150 Feet Ring Road, Rajkot, Gujarat 360004