FLOWER MAGIC - Flowering Special, Best Flowering Stimulant, Enhancer Combination Of N.B, Emulsifier, Fulvic Acid And Organic Matter
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BenefitFLOWER MAGIC is helpful to help increase the amount of flowers and plants rapid growth.
FLOWER MAGIC protects the plant from all conditions.
FLOWER MAGIC induces healthy growth of the plants and helps to fight against various stresses.
Dosage15 ml per 15-liter spray volume.
CropsIt can be used for all agricultural crops.
Extra DescriptionFLOWER MAGIC is a Plant Biostimulant based on succinic acid ascorbic acid and fulvic acid.
FLOWER MAGIC promotes the viral process of plants through better utilization of biochemical reserves and helps the plant to overcome constants during critical stages of growth it provides tolerance to the plant against environmental stress and pest attack thereby leading to the normal functioning of plant systems and improving quality and yield of crops.



59.0 %


9.00 %


0.07 %

Folic Acid

0.332 %

Organic Matter

31.598 %

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Address of origin: 218 star chambers, harihar chowk, near sadar bajar, Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360001

Satisfied Customer Reviews

89 Satisfied Ratings
28th March,2024

Me he product agri-begri kadun ghetal hot , te mala time varti available zal , ani kapus pikavarti me yacha vapar kela tr mala changlya padhatine result alela .

Pralhad Pandhare    Verified Buyers
25th March,2024

Me he product gulab pikasathi ghetal hot anni time varti bhetal hot tasach mala yacha result pn changlya prakare ala ahet.

Hemant Girme    Verified Buyers
10th March,2024

Good result and service

Naeemur Rahman    Verified Buyers
9th March,2024

Best product and gives best result ,increase flowering

Prashanth gummala    Verified Buyers
9th March,2024

Product 6 din main mila tha , unhko result bhi accha aya tha iss product ka.

Pandurang Baburao Pawar    Verified Buyers
7th March,2024

Whatsapp reply good service And good product.

Babyshamili Tandra    Verified Buyers
6th March,2024

Product ka result bahot accha tha

Pranav Anil Atote    Verified Buyers
9th January,2024

This product is very good result for plant growth and and flowering

Parag jain    Verified Buyers
23rd November,2023

Marigold use tonic best flower

SADHURAM JI    Verified Buyers
29th September,2023

Flower increasment best tonic all crop best result

Sudhir kumar    Verified Buyers
22nd September,2023

Best for flowering for all plant

Basavaraj C Limbikai    Verified Buyers
22nd September,2023

Good product for flowering

Shanti lata Mishra.    Verified Buyers
21st September,2023

Very good quality product

Bhagaban bariha    Verified Buyers
19th September,2023

Good result in cotton crop

Aashish    Verified Buyers
11th September,2023

Flower magic chilli crop use and best result

Prabhu    Verified Buyers
8th September,2023

Excellent product

Balaji kendre    Verified Buyers
8th September,2023

Nice product , achha kam karta hai me yehi use karta hu regularly

Shankar Tadas    Verified Buyers
4th September,2023

I have used it in my Marigold crop I have got very good results

R choudhary    Verified Buyers
24th August,2023

Best flower TONIC

Mohan kumar    Verified Buyers
15th August,2023

Product acha he

Krishna tale    Verified Buyers
14th August,2023

Good result

Ravi Guguloth    Verified Buyers
12th August,2023

Vry good result

Rajendra    Verified Buyers
11th August,2023

Good result

Ramakrishna bhat M    Verified Buyers
10th August,2023

Growth of the plant is very good

Madhu sudhan    Verified Buyers
9th August,2023

Material is good

Tadkar Laxmikant shripatrao
8th August,2023

Flower ka growth acha ata he

Harishchandra Rajurkar    Verified Buyers
7th August,2023

Getting very good result in crop using it for all the crops

Amitkumar ravikar    Verified Buyers
7th August,2023

Nice product, and good service

Iman ali    Verified Buyers
19th July,2023

Good results soyabean flower stages

14th July,2023

Good product ,nice results

Shubham bhongale
14th June,2023


12th April,2023

Service achi thi and product quality bhi

Dilip Kumar Sharma    Verified Buyers
10th April,2023

Getting a batter result from all products

V saidul chowdary    Verified Buyers
4th April,2023

All products are good

S. Jayamurugan    Verified Buyers
4th April,2023

Super result

V Rajasekhar    Verified Buyers
24th January,2023

Best product and easy too used.. The customer service is best and Provide best information.. Specialy my favourite ( pooja chauhan)..

Krunalsinh sindha    Verified Buyers
25th July,2022

Can we use this for Black gram (Urad) crop? can we mix it with any other organic solvent like neem oil?

Pranesh Madyalkar
30th May,2022

Good product

25th May,2022

Can we use this product in Blackgram (udid ki daal)??? agribegri team or anyone who knows please reply....

Mohammed Ali Qazi
11th May,2022

Really very good product and very good result best best best result, use this

Jayesh pol
30th January,2022

N,B 59% means 59%Nitrobenzene...?

28th January,2022

How to apply or Spray flower magic how many crop stage to time or days.

Pramod Maruti Salokhe    Verified Buyers
1st December,2021

Seems good

16th November,2021

Can we mix it with nano urea?

14th October,2021

Nice product.

2nd September,2021

How to i order? Call me.. 9443775038

22nd July,2021

Very good tonic

Balusingh Dangi
4th July,2021

Give your contact

25th June,2021

Working good

8th March,2021

This is really good tonic i am using it since long and it gives really good flowering

Deepak Birla
3rd February,2021

Need 5

30th January,2021

Chennagide tumba upayukta

26th January,2021

If we mix any other products or we can spray only these product can you please give me how it will use and work

24th December,2020

Hmm gud

15th December,2020

Best product for flowering.

5th December,2020

It is helpful for increase the amount of flowers and plants rapid growth.

3rd December,2020

Very gud product

27th November,2020

It is really helpful

14th November,2020

May i use this is in chillies crop pls tel me

14th August,2020

Best product

9th May,2020

Roses are blooming so beautifully thanks

1st April,2020

Very good product really good product

31st March,2020

This product give good growth and increase amount of flower

31st March,2020

This product helps increase amount of flowers. Also helps in overall plant growth. Highly recommended product, satisfied with product

Srinivasa reddy
31st March,2020

It improves flowering and yield of crops.

Jubeda khan
28th March,2020

This product is special for flowering very good product

28th March,2020

Best product its a helps in reduce flower droping and increase new flowering

25th March,2020

Product is very usefull and very good product

11th March,2020

Have used in mango , acha product hai. can i use for tomato as well ?

2nd March,2020

Good product

8th February,2020

Very good result that product

22nd January,2020

It working as expected.

Manoj patel
31st December,2019

Have used in my cotton result is good now flowers are blooming

Prithvi singh
6th November,2019


3rd September,2019

Good product for increasing of flower & fruit

23rd January,2019

Good product

22nd November,2018

Best quality...This worked wonders on my plants.

28th August,2018

Excellent product result for to increase flowering

19th July,2018

This product is helpful to help increase the amount of flowers.

Prakash tharu
24th May,2018

Very good result for this product and good flowering for crops

Dev agro center
12th May,2018

FLOWER MAGIC is a high quality flowering agent.

4th May,2018

Excellent product for increasing of flower & fruits TASTED OK

Jay Narayan Agro Agencies, Aska
4th May,2018

Excellent product for increasing of flower & fruit

Jay narayan agro agencies
25th April,2018

FLOWER MAGIC is a high quality flowering agent.

7th April,2018

High quality flowering agent.

30th March,2018

Good product

3rd October,2017

High quality flowering agent

22nd March,2017

Flower megic ek sari product che chod na flowering mate...tenathi Mara watermelon na farm ma flowering auchu hath to flower megic no upyog krva thi saru flowering jova Mali rahyu che....

10th November,2016

Excellent Product

Amit joshi