Control TRM - Thrips, Red Mites, Mealy Bug (Sucking Pest Controller), Residue Free
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Company / Manufacture Anand Agro Care Nashik
Country of origin: India




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Control TRM (Sucking Pest Controller)

Control TRM is an exceptional blend of extracts from herbs and plants with alkaloids which has biological and toxicological properties and is used to control for Thrips, Red Mites, Mealy Bug in all types of fruits, vegetable and range of crops. It can also be used in control of American Cotton Boll worm, Paddy, Tomato Grub, Tobacco Bud worm, Corn Earworm and most of the sucking pest.

Mode of action: Upon spraying this unique formulation reacts with the skin of the insects and melts the wax layer from top of the skin of insects, which enables them from moving and breathing which makes it a brilliant contact type of pesticide made up of herbal extract and selective alkaloids which makes it residue free. Control TRM can be used in any stage of the crop as it only contains naturally found ingredients which elements the issues of residue.

Targeted Crops: It is effective for all Fruits & Vegetables crops, Floriculture crops, Cotton, Soyabean & Oil seeds, Paddy.


1) 100 % organic Product
2) Residue Free
3) Can be used in export quality fruits and Vegetables
4) Certified organic product by NOCA as per NPOP standards.

Dosage: For Foliar Spray only For Normal Attack – 1.5 ml per liter of water For Heavy Attack – 2.0 ml per liter of water.

Address of origin: Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422004