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Farmer’s First Choice

HUBEL is combination of Super Potassium Humate and Fulvic Acid. It has excellent beneficial with nutrients and compost. Hence mix with vermicompost/microbial compost HUBEL.

HUBEL a unique soil conditioner, a naturally occurring organic substance consisting primarily of Humic Acid and minor level of minerals, gypsum and clays. The molecular structure of HUBEL provides numerous benefits to crop production. It eases organic material. Incorporation to soil, acceleration its decomposition & nutrient utilization and eventually increases the carbon content of the soil.


  • Hubel enhances decompositions and formation or organic matter in the soil.
  • It helps soil desalination.
  • It increases root mass and Brix level.
  • It enhances vegetative growth.
  • It increases organic (Carbon) percentage in the soil.
  • It helps to increase water holding capacity of the soil and helps to resist drought.
  • It increases aeration of soil, membranes permeability, plant respiration, photosynthesis cell division and enlargement.
  • It improves soil humidly structure and viability.
  • It increases germination of seeds and viability.


HUBEL is suitable for all kinds of crops:

Sugercane, Cereals, Pulses, Oil Seeds, Fibrous Plant, Vegetables, Fruits, Flowers, Spices, Cash Crops, Plantation & Medicinal Crops and Kitchen Gardening.


For Spraying: 15-25 gm per 15 litre spray volume.

Soil Application Dose: Its directly related to the amount of organic matter of soil, if below 2%, then apply 8-12 kg per acre of plant, For sugarcane – apply 1 kg per 100 – 150 kg of chemical fertilize.


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Satisfied Customer Reviews

1st April,2020

best result at low price

28th March,2020

best product for plant growth and and increase it immunity power

26th March,2020

It's really great

25th March,2020

It helps the soil to improve plant growth and increase efficiency.

23rd February,2020

product is good

11th February,2020

got on time, using second time thank you

11th February,2020

good product good to use.

24th December,2019

how to use and frequency

sumit singh rajput
21st December,2019

Maine hubel ka use gehu ki fashal m kiya bahut achhe aye bahut futab (kalle) aye h thanx

27th November,2019

product was really so good

24th October,2019

I have used this hubel so many times and i got excellent result

23rd October,2019

Wonderful product

Revanna P
30th June,2019

super product

Saleem khan
16th May,2019

Best product

22nd April,2019

good result for acid soil

10th April,2019

Super product

29th March,2019


13th February,2019

Increased Nutrient Uptake Decreased Toxins Increased Water Retention Improved Microbial Growth Better Overall Soil Structure Humic acid is often referred to as a natural plant-growth stimulator that increases plant metabolism and nutrient intake and improves plant development. These are pretty tall claims for any natural supplement; however, humic acid is one of the major components of organic matter found within nature’s most fertile soils.

chadhury rameshbhi
2nd January,2019

sari product che

punith akarsh
24th December,2018

well it supported my tomato plant and quite rapid growth in 2 week

24th December,2018

Very affected on all plant and soil last one year i used it gives 100 percent result

Honnapwar Ganesh
8th November,2018

achi product hai

dabhi ashok khimjibhai
11th October,2018

100 % reliable

Vijay sharma
21st August,2018

Superb result for this product and very good quality

Rajbai Agro
29th June,2018

Best quality humic acid very cheap rate for reselling and end user. Good margin for agent or dealer

Krishna agro center
12th May,2018

It can be used for each type of crop for growth pramoter

24th April,2018

It helps the soil to improve plant growth and increase efficiency.