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  • સ્ટાર-વન

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    Bio Larvicides

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STAR ONE is an advance bio technology research based product containing highly specialized bio components is natural form and in such concentration which gives very powerful action to management of plants. It is ecofriendly in natural and targeted pests will not able to develop resistance against.

STAR ONE protects the plant from all condition. STAR ONE induces healthy growth of the plants and helps to fight against various stresses.

STAR ONE helps for quality and quality of yield. STAR ONE is nontoxic and safe to use.


Dosage20 ml per 15 ltr Water
DiseaseThis gives the excellent action for the any type of Larva.
Extra DescriptionStar one is a based on advance bio technology research containing highly specialized bio derivatives in the appropriate scientific concentration.

No Description

માત્રા: 15 લિટર પાણી દીઠ 20 મીલી


સ્ટાર-વન  એ એક  બાયો ટેકનોલોજી યોગ્ય વૈજ્ઞાનિક એકાગ્રતા અત્યંત વિશિષ્ટ બાયો ડેરિવેટિવ્ઝ સમાવતી સંશોધન પર આધારિત છે. જે કૉયીપણ પ્રકારના લાર્વા સામે ઉત્તમ નિયંત્રણ આપે છે.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

jaydeep patel
7th April,2018

Excellent result for crop in all larva

8th May,2018

average product

8th May,2018

average product