Sahib Zinctec Zinc Oxide 39.5% Micronutrient , Zinc Fertilizer, Helps In Starch Production By Availing More Zinc to Plants
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Company / Manufacture Sahib Pesticides and Seeds Ltd.
Country of origin: India




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Technical name : Zinc Oxide 39.5%

sahib zinctec crop nutrition with 39.5% w/w Zinc in stable suspension concentrate formulation, provides more zinc to plants compared to traditional Zinc formulations.

• sahib zinctec crop nutrition helps in Starch production by availing more Zinc to plants in mobile form.

• It takes part in Nitrogen metabolism and stimulates amino acids to produce proteins.

• sahib zinctec crop nutrition helps in chloroplast development, and auxin formation and helps in root proliferation as well.

Chemical Composition: sahib zinctec has 39.5% w/w Zinc

Recommended Dose: As per the company, 125-150ml per acre is an ideal dose.

• Do not decrease the recommended dose as it might not give good results.

• The recommended dose per liter is 0.625ml.

Pickup Address: sardulgarh, PUNJAB, 151507
VPO Chaura, Gharaunda, Karnal, Haryana 132114
Address of origin: VPO Chaura, Gharaunda, Karnal, Haryana 132114