Sea Ruby (Liquid) Green Seaweed Extract, It Provide Natural N.P.K, 100 % Purity
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Company / Manufacture Anand Agro Care Nashik
Country of origin: India




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Seaweed Extract (liquid)

Seaweed Extract Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer contains nutrients and traces elements, which enhance plant growth. It can be utilized as foliar spray or for direct application to the soil as a biofertilizer.

The seaweed is extracted with water and then with alkali under specific temperatures and pressure. The extract is filtered and concentrated from Marine brown algae.

This liquid seaweed fertilizer is also properly packed in different quantities as per clients' demands.


1) Reduces Biotic and Abiotic Stress (Scavenges the Reactive Oxygen Species that are generated during stress conditions).

2) Bio Stimulation: Modulates Phytohormones inside the plant.

3) Elicitation properties: Helps in plant defense mechanism.

4) Develops immunity in the plant to resist the virus, pathogen, or fungal attack.

5) Increases soil Microbial count, hence improving the structure of the soil.

6) Improves the development of roots and shoots.

7) Enhances the uptake of nutrients.

8) Aids chlorophyll synthesis and hence photosynthesis thereby improving Yield and Quality of produce.

9) Increases plant metabolism of proteins & improved tolerance to salinity and herbicide stress.

10) Post-harvest benefits, the longer shelf life of produce.

11) Phenological benefits. 

Appearance: Thick black liquid, Odour-Marine, pH-9.92, solubility-99.99% soluble, specific Gravity-1.23g/ml, Dry Matter- 41.01% w/w , Organic matter-22.21%w/w, Purity-100 %.

Dosage: 2 Gm / Ltr

Address of origin: Darpan sankul -b , Jadhav colony, oppt dream castle majhamal Gatt No 176/1, Talegaon(Dindori), Tal, Dindori Nashik,, Nashik, MAHARASHTRA, 422003