Peptech Bioscience Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Powder 12%, Non - Toxic For Plants.
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Company / Manufacture Peptech Biosciences Limited
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Aminofert-Zinc’ Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Powder is for foliar application on plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiency that may limit crop growth and yield. It is non-toxic to plants when applied. For best results, apply Aminofert-Zinc soluble powder as per recommendations based on plant tissue or soil analysis. It is approved for organic production.

Aminofert-Zinc (Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Powder) contains 12% as Zinc and 30% amino acids (as protein hydrolyzed).
Aminofert-Zinc (Zinc Amino Acid Chelated Powder) is white to off white color free flowing powder, soluble in water and clear solution.


  • Zinc deficiency is first noticed on young leaves.
  • Zinc deficiency tends to result in stunted growth and small leaves.
  • Zinc deficiency causes interveinal chlorosis, and new leaves remain small. Whitish patches developed on leaves.
  • Due to zinc deficiency poor root growth is observed in Citrus, Paddy, and Maize.



  • Zinc is involved in plant carbon metabolism.
  • Zinc is a necessary component of several enzyme system
  • Zinc is part of an enzyme that regulates the equilibrium among carbon dioxide, water, and carbonic
  • Zinc is a part enzyme that plays a role in protein metabolism.
  • Zinc is essential for the formation of chlorophyll and in the process of photosynthesis.
  • Zinc is found to be associated with water relations in plants and improves water uptake.


Address of origin: New Delhi, DELHI, 110034