Virus Special (Set of Immuno 1 ltr + Enviro 1 ltr), Botanical Viricide, Contain Auxins, Cytokinins. In Stock

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Enviro is the Phloem Friendly Botanical Viricide.

Present Concept of Up Rooting and Destroying the virus affected plants is totally overruled By ENVIRO + IMMUNO Regular sprays on infected plants help in taking 30-50% marketable crops from infected plants.

Only Herbal Based Antivirus in the world can be used for preventive and curative action being herbal-based no side effects immediate controls a wide range of Viruses. Very Effectively controls 81 Types of Viral Diseases.

No Chemical either in the manufacturer or as a preservative is used, ideal for IPM Strategies can be used till the last day of harvest. The results are more pronounced on the reproductive parts of the flower and fruit.

Enviro Mode Of Action:-
Enviro enters the plant through the stomatal opening and translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles. It's entering affected plant cells, encapsulates the viral particles.
It reduces the separation of virus particles in protein and Nuclei particles.
In Healthy plants, Enviro forms a protective layer under the cuticle, and the damaged issues stopping the entry virus in the plant cell system.


Catalyst & Growth Promoter.

1. IMMUNO have their own set of benefits.
2. Here are the advantages that liquid Immuno would provide plants with When the plant, from its neonatal stage, shifts to acquiring or developing buds, it sprayed gently on those buds to promote healthy growth.
3. If seeds are treated with BIO KELP before they are sowed, the seeds will germinate better, have an increased growth rate and their roots will possess strength.
4. The plant will display a higher immunity against diseases.
5. The IMMUNO will encourage vigor in the plant growth cycle as it consists of more than 12 nutritional deporting minerals and enzymes.
6. IMMUNO consists of a sponge-like porous part called the alginates, a type of algae. This part has a dominant role to play in the root system strengthening. The fertilizers when sprayed from the tip of the leaves to the roots of the plant, alginates holds the residue of the fertilizers near the roots giving them comfortable access to moisture, without making them soggy and wet with mixture.
7. IMMUNO Contains elements called Natural hormones. They are naturally derived plant-based Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins, and Betaines, required in minor proportions, but they do contribute to the overall plant health. The auxins are a major hormonal component that regulates the speed at which the plant develops. Auxins, as hormones, have a tendency to increase the growth or delay the growth rate of the plant. It also aids the flower buds to unfold at the right time.
8. Cytokinins are another group of hormones in the organic IMMUNO that judiciously distributes nutrients and minerals in the soil. The aging process in plants also known as the senescence, in plant taxonomy takes a backseat with the cytokinin content in the fertilizer.
9. Biotic Resistance:- Fungal & Bacterial, viral pathogens, and insecticide Resistance.
10. Abiotic Stress Resistance:- Salt & Drought tolerance, Freezing & Chilling Tolerance.
11. Why should you use IMMUNO?
The effects of IMMUNO application have been tested on diverse plant crops including flowers, vegetables, bananas, tomatoes, Chillis, citrus crops, and potatoes and the results were outstanding.
IMMUNO is rich in plant essential micronutrients, such as nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus which are usually deficient in soil due to plants requiring and absorbing these elements in substantial amounts. That is why the plants need supplements to make up for it faster germination of seeds as well as better stem and plant growth.
The IMMUNO enters the plant system and improves disease resistance.

Product Usage benefit to the customer.
» Ready to use
» No plant burning fear due to wrong doses of chemical nutrients.
» Harmless to any living
» No worry on accidental drinking
» Free from hazardous chemical
» Safe for children at home Certified Organic product. 

Which Crops can be used:- Chilli, capsicum, tomato, papaya, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, watermelon, musk melon

CURATIVE:- 2 Sprays at 4 days interval & then repeat the spray for every 15 days...

PREVENTIVE:- Spray every 15 Days, Repeat every 15 Days.

Dose:- 5Ml /Ltr of water.

Application Method:- Foliar Spray.