Urvara Pomegranate Kit 100 % Organic Product Kit, Best For Growth And Flowering.
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Pomegranate Kit - is a kit containing 5 different 100% certified organic products that cater to - biofertilizer, growth & flowering, sucking pest controller, fungus / bacterial disease controller - all these in one Kit.

This kit is sufficient for a 1-time spray for 1 acre. We recommend a minimum of 2 times spray in 1 acre for better results at a gap of 8 -10 days in normal conditions and 5-7 days in diseased or pest infestation conditions.

We recommend spraying early morning / late evening along with a sticker/spreader for liquid products.

This kit contains 5 products viz:-

1) Grow One - Grow one is a seed treatment product. But it also acts like a biofertilizer and can be mixed with manure to give to each plant around the root zone.

Dosage: 3 gm/Kg of seed for seed treatment. Mix the entire pouch in manure.

2) Maxgrow: Maxgrow promotes growth, branching, and to some extent flowering as well. This product helps in the productivity of the pomegranate trees.

Dosage: 2-3 ml/Ltr of water for spraying.

3) Proban: Proban is a sucking pest controller and has microbial and oil extracts that prevent the sucking pests from attacking the inflorescence / young fruits and other parts.

Dosage: 2-3 ml/Ltr of water for spraying.

4) Bestpro: Bestpro is a powerful stimulant for flowers. It reduces or prevents immature flower drops and helps in the development of fruit.

Dosage: 2-3 ml/Ltr of water for spraying 15 days before & after the flowering stage.

5) Spotout: Spotout is an organic disease controller. This product controls fungal infections like mildew, as well as prevents or controls oily spot disease, prevents its spread to other healthy trees (at 5-10 % infection of total no of trees), etc.

Dosage: 3 ml/Ltr of water for spraying.

Kit contents -

Grow One Pouch - 100 gm x 1 no

Maxgrow 250 ml x 1 no

Proban 250 ml x 1 no

Bestpro 250 ml x 1 no

Spotout 250 ml x 1 no

Pickup Address: Pune, MAHARASHTRA, 411058
Urvara Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd First Floor, 3512, Gajanan Nagar, Phursungi, Tal. Haveli, Pune, Maharashtra 412308
Address of origin: Urvara Marketing Solutions Pvt Ltd First Floor, 3512, Gajanan Nagar, Phursungi, Tal. Haveli, Pune, Maharashtra 412308