Urja F1 Hybrid Festival Broccoli Seeds, Early Green with Fine Beads, Best Variety
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Company / Manufacture Urja Agriculture Company
Country of origin: India




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Consuming boiled Broccoli hybrid vegetables everyday can help reduce the cholesterol levels in your body and thus prevent the appearance of major heart diseases. It also comprises anti cancer properties and is a concentrated source of cancer fighting compounds. It also plays a huge role in improving eye health, supporting the immune system and maintaining proper hormonal balance in our bodies.

You can use the Broccoli hybrid vegetable in various recipes such as broccoli protein pots, Broccoli with sweet potato mash, poached eggs with broccoli, whole wheat pasta with broccoli and almond and Stir fried chicken with broccoli and brown rice. All these dishes are extremely tasty and nutritious at the same time. Apart from broccoli, there are many other vegetables that helps in building immunity of your body. Do intake them in your meals for sure.

You can grow a broccoli hybrid plant at your house. Plant the Hybrid broccoli seeds in a container that has small holes in it and place it in an area which has adequate light settings. Make sure you give proper care to seeds. Water the broccoli hybrid seeds to keep them hydrated as well as protected from bacterial growth.

After around 80 to 90 days the broccoli hybrid plant will become ready for harvesting. You will be able to recognize the right harvest period depending on the size of the broccoli heads. It should not exceed 3 to 6 inches in height. Harvest the broccoli f1 hybrid plant with a small knife before there is a small flower blooming from the head.

Most nutritious of the cole crops, especially in vitamins, iron and calcium content. It contains 3.3 per cent protein and high content of vitamin A & C and appreciable quantity of thiamine, niacin and riboflavin. It is marketed as fresh, frozen and also used in salads.

The optimum temperature to grow is between 17-23°C. Temperature below optimum during growing time delays maturity and small sprouts may be formed

Variety Details

  • Highly successful variety across India
  • Tight bluish green heads and has a high temperature tolerance
  • Excellent flavour and adaptability
  • Ready in 55 to 60 days (post transplant)
  • Approx. Seed count -3000
Pickup Address: NEW DELHI, DELHI, 110042
C-91, Badli Extension New Delhi, NEW DELHI, Delhi 110042
Address of origin: C-91, Badli Extension New Delhi, NEW DELHI, Delhi 110042

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I used this product and got good yield

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Good variety

24th November,2020

Seeds germination is good

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