TRIDIUM 700 WG, Azoxystrobin 4.7% + Mancozeb 59.7% + Tebuconazole 5.6% WG Gives Excellent Control of all Major Fungi Classes
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Tridium 700 WG gives excellent control of all major fungi classes: Ascomycetes (Powdery mildews), Basidiomycetes (rusts and smuts), Oomycetes (downy mildews), and Deuteromycetes (leaf spots)

Very fine particle size, resulting in better solubility and spreading on the leaf surface

Flexible positioning. Tridium 700 WG can be applied at all stages of disease development and is safe at all stages of the crop

Tridium 700 WG treated crops have improved ability to use nitrogen efficiently and assimilate it into proteins

Pests And Diseases

  • Kernel blight
  • Leaf rust
  • Net blotch
  • Stem rust
  • Yellow leaf spot

Direction Of Use

Rate: 1.75 - 2.00 kg/ha (or 140 to 160 g per 20 L knapsack sprayer, based on a spray volume of 250/ha)

Recommendations: Start application before the 1st signs of the disease appear, when the conditions favor disease development. Use a higher rate on most sensitive varieties. Use a spray volume of 200 to 250/ha. Ensure complete coverage of the targeted crop. Do not apply the product during the warmest hours of the day or in the presence of winds. Rain occurring within 24 hours of application may reduce the effectiveness of the product

Pre-Harvest Interval (PHI): 35 days

Mode Of Action

Mancozeb is a protectant fungicide belonging to the dithiocarbamate family, acting by contact only, with a good persistence on the vegetative parts of the plant. It inhibits spore germination. Azoxystrobin (strobilurin) blocks electron transfer in complex III of respiratory system, and inhibits early infection (spore germination...) as well as later infection stages (growth and sporulation). Tebuconazole has a large spectrum of action as it disrupts sterol biosynthesis on 2 different sites, unlike other Triazoles.

Resistance Management

FRAC groups:

Azoxystrobin: 11 - Respiration inhibition (high risk of resistance)

Mancozeb: M3 - Multi-site contact activity (low risk of resistance)

Tebuconazole: 3 - Sterol biosynthesis inhibitor in membranes (medium risk of resistance)

Avoid the exclusive and repeated use of fungicides from the same group code. Alternate or tank mix with products from different groups.

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Address of origin: 3-11, G.I.D.C., Vapi,Distt. Valsad,Gujarat 396195

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14th August,2023

Very costly and average result

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12th July,2023

Sir areca nut plantsge estu dosage use madabeku

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