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RK Seeds - Home garden and kitchen garden seeds of Vegetable Seeds - Drumstick Seeds, Moringa oleifera , Moringa seeds Pack of 100 g + Sesbania grandiflora -Agati seeds Hummingbird Tree seeds Pack of 100 g – (Pack of 2)

Sesbania grandiflora - Agati seeds Hummingbird Tree seeds Pack of 100 gram

1. It is a fast-growing tree. The flowers of Sesbania grandiflora are eaten as a vegetable. The YOUNG PODS are also eaten, along with the LEAVES


3. PRETREATMENT is not required.

4. NURSERY TECHNIQUE: Seeds are sown in poly pots and watered regularly. Seedlings' growth is very rapid. Seedlings are fit for planting within one month.

5. Its extremely fast growth rate, especially during the first three to four years. It can be planted very densely at the rate of 3000 plants per ha. The tree provides FORAGE, pulp and paper, FOOD, GREEN MANURE, and LANDSCAPE DECORATION. It also has potential for REFORESTING ERODED LAND AND GRASSY WASTELANDS. Agati – Sesbania grandiflora leaves could be used as HERBAGE FOR GROWING GOATS.

Drumstick Seeds, Moringa oleifera , Moringa seeds Pack of 100 g

1. Pretreatment One of the three pre-seeding treatments can be carried out in Drumstick seeds

2. Soak the seeds in water overnight before planting. 

Address of origin: Coimbatore, TAMIL NADU, 641041