Fruit Grow Amruth Fruit Microbial Consortia (FMC) Best For Increasing Soil Fertility and Increases Crop Yield
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• AMRUTH FMC consists of plant-promoting microorganisms for Nitrogen Fixation, Phosphate Solubilization, Potash, and Zinc mobilization.

•  AMRUTH FMC is enriched with essential nutrients and readily available protein media.


•  AMRUTH FMC consists of Azospirillium Sp, Azotobacter Spend Rhizobium Spcapable of improving nutrients availability in soil, plant nutrient uptake, and assimilation as well as supporting nitrogen cycling at the level of 20-40 kg per hectare and make it available to the plants.

•  Phosphorous level of 10-15 kg/hectare and Potash level of 30-50 kg/hectare and make it available to the plants.

•  AMRUTH FMC improves soil fertility and increases crop yield.

•  Due to all the above-mentioned beneficial factors the crop yield will increase by 10-20%.

Method of Application

•  Seed treatment:- Mix 100 ml of AMRUTH FMC in 1 liter of water treat the seeds with solution, after drying seeds under shade sow the seeds.

•  Soil treatment:-Apply 5 liters of AMRUTH FMC for 1-acre through drip/venture.

• Mix 5 liter of AMRUTH FMC in 200 liters of Jeevamrutha and leave for four days with regular stirring, then apply prepared consortia to the field.

Address of origin: Amruth organic fertilizers, Malladihalli-post, holalkere taluk, Chitradurga, KARNATAKA, 577531