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ALBATA’s Royal Larvend NOCA, SATTVIK and KRUSHI Certified, Non Toxic, Eco friendly, Smell Free Agricultural and Domestic use for Control of Larvae in plants, Sustainable and Chemical free Agriculture product.


  • Effective against diamond back moth, turnip, moth, cabbage moth and the common cabbage butterfly.
  • Effective against Armyworm, web worm, Tobacco cutworm, Corn earworm, Beet
    Army worm and cut worm.
  • Effective against Rice leaf roller, stem borer, fungus gnat, Rice stem borer and Rice green
  • Effective against all pests going through Larvae stage.


OUR PRODUCT: Royal Larvend is 100% Plant derived solution, Non-Hazardous, Bio Degradable Solution, Robust action in less than 48hours. Applicable on the leaves as a foliar spray, kills on contact or ingestion, fast acting.

DOSE: Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency - Tank mix is 2ml per litre is recommended for maintenance 1-2 times per month for heavy infestation and initial treatment every 7-10 days.

Shake well before using the Product (Foliar Spray)

Royal Larvend acts as an insecticide and a repellent for crops susceptible to larval pests. After being Applied on plant leaves, it will result in the death of the target insect.

Royal Larvend works upon contact or ingestion by disrupting an insect’s development and physiology, plus acts as an antifeedant. Larva Control can be applied as an alternative to conventional chemicals.