ALBATA Royal Clear Mite NOCA, SATTVIK and KRUSHI Certified, Non Toxic, Eco friendly, Smell Free Agricultural and Domestic use.
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ALBATA’s Royal Clear Mite NOCA, SATTVIK and KRUSHI Certified, Non Toxic, Eco friendly, Smell Free Agricultural and Domestic use for Control of Spider Mites, Aphids , Red Spider Mites, Two-Spotted Mites, Thrips in plants, Sustainable and Chemical free Agriculture product. 

  • OUR PRODUCT: Royal Clear Mite is 100% Plant derived solution, Non-Hazardous and bio Degradable solution, Disrupts breathing of Spider mites, Prevents Spider mites laid eggs From hatching. Applicable on the leaves as a foliar spray, kills on contact or ingestion, fast acting.
  • DOSE: Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency - Dilution Ratios & Application Frequency: 1:750 maximum, 1:500 for heavy infestation every 3-5 Days. Tank mix is 2ml per liter.
  • EFFECTIVE: Use ROYAL CLEAR MITE to control and eliminate the following pests: Spider Mites, Aphids, Mole Crickets, Red Spider Mites, Two-Spotted Mites, Thrips slugs, Mosquito Larva, Southern Red Mites, Spruce Mites, Slugs, Chiggers, European Red Mites, white flies, thunder flies, greenflies, blackflies.
  • Non-Hazardous and biodegradable solution
  • Prevents Spider mites laid eggs from hatching

ROYAL CLEAR MITE can be used on any plant that has a mite infestation. Here are some common ones that get affected. Cucurbits, Tomatoes, Grass/Lawns, Squash, Grapes.Pumpkins, trees.Roses, Cucumbers, Zucchini, Wheat, Peonies.                                                           

Mix the required amount of Royal Clear Mite in water with sufficient agitation to maintain a uniform suspension in the spray or mixing tank. Tank should be cleaned prior to use. Do not use highly alkaline or highly acidic water to mix sprays. Use a buffering agent if necessary to maintain neutrality (pH 6 to 8) of water in the tank. Maintain agitation during application. Apply immediately after mixing; do not allow spray mix to stand overnight.Always jar test before mixing products to avoid chemical incompatibility.

Address of origin: New Delhi, DELHI, 110008

Satisfied Customer Reviews

7 Satisfied Ratings
5th March,2021

I have Zucchini in my 2 acre land my crop were infected with red mites so i have used this Royal Clear Mite and it worked too good

Imran khan
3rd March,2021

I liked the product used on chilly plant could see result in 2 days

6th February,2021

I have used this product it gave good results thanks

Umesh chandra
28th February,2020

It's is a really awasome

16th February,2020

Highly effective, good result

14th February,2020

Amazing organic pesticide. It's effective.

Nirmal Choudhary
30th January,2020

Ageri Begri is done good work by listing certified natural product which is good for agriculture, farmers and environment

Pavneet Singh