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ROM – Verelac is a biopesticide liquid formulation based on entomopathogenic fungus, Verticillium lecanii with a CFU of 2 x 108 per gm/ml.

Target Pests: ROM – Verelacis effective for the control of soft bodied / sucking insect pests such as aphids, mealy bugs, jassids, thrips, mites, termites, white flies etc. spores of the fungus invade insect body through the cuticle and proliferate inside insect body, sporulate and cause death.
Target Crops: Paddy, cotton, sugarcane, pepper, cardamom, banana, potato, turmeric, ginger, coffee, grapes, pomegranate, groundnut and all vegetable crops.

Dosage and directions for use: ROM – Verelac can be used at the rate of 250 ml per acre, dissolved in 250 to 400 liters of water and sprayed thoroughly drenching the canopy, including underside of foliage. Spraying must be carried out during cooler periods of the day preferably during late evening hours.