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1.Gliricidia is MULTIPURPOSE TREE - Living fences/hedges, cut and carry feed for ruminants, alley farming, protein banks, green manure , support, shade, honey, firewood.

FODDER: Gliricidia sepium leaves are rich in protein and highly digestible There is evidence of improved animal production (both milk and meat) in large and small ruminants when G. sepium is used as a supplement.

2.Gliricidia is normally used as a GREEN FORAGE, protein supplement to low-quality tropical forages and by-products for CATTLE, SHEEP AND GOATS. It may be used as the sole FEED IN THE DRY SEASON.APICULTURE: The flowers attract honeybees (Apis spp.), hence it is an important species for honey production.


3.SEED : GERMINATION PERCENTAGE : 90 to 95 % .PRETREATMENT OF SEED : Pretreatment of Gliricidia sepium seed is often not necessary, but soaking overnight in cold water is required and planting should proceed immediately thereafter.

4.NURSERY TECHNIQUE : Pretreated two seeds per polybag are dibbled. Watering is done regularly. Overhead shade is essential. Germination is noticed within 10 to 15 days.. Direct sowing of seeds requires good land preparation and regular weeding: 90-95% germination occurs in 7 days.

5.SHADE OR SHELTER, NITROGEN FIXING: The tree is capable of fixing atmospheric nitrogen,Suitable for LIVE FENCING around cattle pastures and for delineating boundaries. Its fast growth, ease of propagation, nitrogen fixing ability and light canopy makes it ideal as a live stakes