SRI SAI FORESTRY Red Sandal Seeds (Pterocarpus Santalinus , Lal Chandan or Raktachandan) In Stock

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Pterocarpus santalinus is a species of Pterocarpus native to India.iIt is a light-demanding moderate sized tree growing upto 8 m tall with a trunk 50-150 cm diameter.

Product Specification

Type: Natural 

Dried Botanical Name: Pterocarpus santalinus

Color: Brown

Usage: Wood

Flowering : Flowers in yellow terminal panicles appear in April (immediately after leaf-fall) to May.

Fruiting : Pods are formed rapidly but get ripened in next February - March.

Morphology of the Fruit/Seed : Pods oblilquely orbicular, 3 to 4 cms in diam. Including the wing, gradually narrowed into a short stipe.

Seeds one per pod, 1 to 1.5 cms long, reddish brown with a smooth leathery testa.

Seed Collection and Storage : Dry pods are collected from the trees in February to May, dried in the sun for 3 days, and stored in gunny bags.

Seeds retain viability for an year easily.

Pretreatment: Soaking in cold water for 72 hours or soaking in cowdung slurry for 72 hours.

Nursery Technique : 10 to 15 Kgs of pretreated seeds are sown per bed (12 x 1.2 mts) of sandy loam or loamy soil in April and covered with a thin layer of soil.

Seeds : 400 to 500 Seeds ( Aprrox).

Germination: 85 to 90 %