Chipku - Pheromone Water Trap with Lure Tuta Absoluta Lure for Catch Insect Tomato Leaf Minor (TLM) (Tuta absoluta) (Lure + Trap) In Stock

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Chipku water Trap/Insect Trap useful to catch (Tuta Absoluta) Tomato leaf minor moth, is the natural & cost effective way to catch moth without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals.

It is a safe & nature-friendly product Tuta absoluta is a highly destructive insect pest to tomato plants and fruit and is also reported to infest other plants in the Solanacaeae family (potato, eggplant, etc.)

The life cycle of a leaf miner has the following stages: egg, three larval instars, a pupal instar and the adult fly. Adult leaf miners are small yellow and black coloured flies, at most only several millimetres long. When the adult females feed or lay eggs, they bore a hole using their toothed ovipositor, usually in the upper side of the leaf. Egg spots are oval and hard to distinguish from feeding spots.          

Usage procedure of trap

1. Attach battom base to water container

2. Open Lure Packet.

3. Insert lure in center of the lure holder

4. Attach Lure holder to center of water container from upper side

5. Add 1-1.2 ltr of water in to the water trap add 5-10 drops of any vegatable oil

6. Tie the trap on a wooden stick of height of 1 meter.

Host Crops: Toamto , Potato etc.

Targeted pest: Moth Tomato leaf minor (TLM) (Tuta absoluta)

Field life of lure: 45-60 days from date of installation

Expiry date: 1 year from date of manufacturing.


--> Cost Effective/User Friendly Application

--> Attract Targeted pest only/Non toxic

--> Weather Proof long Lasting

--> Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming

--> Up to 45 + days field life

--> Result oriented product

--> Leak Proof Pouch Design

--> Water trap with Tomato leaf minor per acre 6 Traps.