Parijat Velektin Emamectin Benzote 1.5%+ Profenofos 35% WDG, An Insecticide For Cotton, Maize & Chilly Crops.
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Technical Name:- Emamectin Benzote1.5%+ Profenofos 35% WDG

Complementary dual mode of action– Reliable pest management and best in IRM.

Rapid Kill– Stomach and contact action with translaminar activity kills the pest within 24 hours of application.

Ovi-larvicidal control– Good Ovicidal and larvicidal effect prevents economic damage done by pest.

Longevity in control– Offers 10-12 days of control over pest hereby reducing number of sprays.

Strong Synergistic formulation with good dispersibility in water– Gives ease of application.


Profenofos is a non-systemic insecticide with contact and stomach action. Exhibits translaminar effects and ovicidal properties.

Emamectin is a non-systemic insecticide that penetrates leaf tissue by translaminar movement, paralyzes the target pest which stops feeding within hours of ingestion and dies after 2-4 days.


For Maize-1st Application: 15-25 DAS , 2nd Application: Need based application of @30-35 DAS

For Chilli– 1st Application: 40-45 DAT, 2nd Application: 65-70 DAT

For Cotton-1st Application: 40-50 DAS

Direction Of Use:- It should be applied as foiler spray. A simple Knapsack sprayer fitted with a hollow cone nozzle can be used for spraying. Uniform coverage is necessary for the effective control of insect pests.

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