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Combination Of Immuno +Enviro+ Cyto Plus.


It’s a Completely Pack of treatment, very easy to handle highly effective on controlling of followed Diseases : 

Phytophthora Root Diseases, Stem Rot, Root Rot ,Collar Rot, Papaya Bacterial Crown Rot Diseases, Papaya Ring Spot Diseases, Papaya Leaf Curl Diseases, Papaya Leaf Distortion Mosaic virus, Papaya Bunche TOP Diseases, Papaya Yellow Mosaic Virus.


Preventive :-Every 10 days after Replantation ,approx 100 days onwards.


Curative :-3 Spray with in 20 days then every 10-15 Days till 180 days.


Dosage:-Immuno 5Ml per Ltr +Enviro 5Ml per ltr of water and Cyto plus 3ml per ltr of water.


Mode of Action on Papaya Virus and Diseases :-

1 st Application:- It immediately stops the transition of Viron particles from the infected to the healthy plants after 1st spray.

2nd Application :- The Results are more pronounced on the reproductive stage that is the flower and fruit shows better symptoms of recovery in comparison to leaves ,Subsequently Fresh Leaves become very healthy and Followed by flowers 80-90% female flowers.


3rd Application:-

Controls the Flowers drop 80% Remaining 20% will be controlled slowly and Irregular or shape out fruits will be becoming very good structured shape and greenish , No ring spots on fruits and petioles.

Flower settings are depends on the Climatic conditions ,Temperature between 18’c -38’c.

4th 5th 6th application for continuous fruiting and flowering with out Diseases interval of 10-15 days

winter season may be 7-10 days Summer and Rainy season 10-15 days .



50% VIRUS Infected plants symptoms are as like Leaves Curling, Crinkling and Distortion ,Thickening of

veins etc.. ,very less chance to recovery but after 3 sprays plant can produce 60% Flowers and fruits

Leaves may not be become normal .


Generally Virus Affected Plants Does not Produce Flowers and Fruits .But if you spray Immuno Enviro

Cyto plus and Rootex through drip it can produced healthy flowers and fruits also good growth.

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

27th March,2020

very good product for papaya i use this product in my farm i get very good result

27th March,2020

It is combination of 3 products Immuno Enviro & Cyto also It is very usefull for papaya

9th March,2020

my papay were infected with virus and growth was stopped now after this spray it is really ALRIGHT it definately works thank you so much

22nd January,2020

perfect works and good product 100% work

20th December,2019

works well result is best