Nutri-Grow-DF Multi-Nutrient (Fe, Zn, Mo, Mn, Cu, B, Amino) For Increasing Quality Of Yield In Stock

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Product Description: Nutri-Grow-DF is a multi-nutrient bio-stimulant which help the plants in various ways. It contains Ferrous, Boron, Copper, Iron, Manganese, Zinc, Amino, etc.

Benefits : 

• Boron impacts cell development, sugar and starch formation and translation.

• Copper is involved in several enzyme systems, cell wall formation, electron transport and oxidation reaction.

• Iron is the catalyst to chlorophyll formation, act as an oxygen carrier and aids in respiratory enzyme systems.

• Manganese activates several important metabolic reactions, the acid in chlorophyll synthesis, accelerates germination and maturity, and increases the availability of P & Ca.

• The availability of Mo to plant increases with increasing soil ph.

• Zn involved in enzyme systems and metabolic reactions and is necessary for the production of chlorophyll and carbohydrates.

• Increases the quality of yields, improve their physical appearance and natural value.

Content:  Fe: 2.5%, Zn: 3%, Mo: 0.1%, Mn: 1%, Cu: 1%, B: 0.5%, Amino acid: 15%.

Dose: 0.5 to 0.75 ml/lit water (Foliar spray or Drip only) (Dose at the interval of every 15 days)