Shriyap Grow Oyster Mushroom Kit. One of the most versatile mushrooms. They are easy to cultivate and common all over the world.
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Company / Manufacture Thanvi Biotechnology
Country of origin: India




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  • Unique gift for a glamorous foodie or adventurous urban farmer - grown in simple steps
  • Shriyap Grow oyster mushroom kit includes everything you'll need; Sterilized sawdust, filter water, hand glouse, cotton, ring and growing instructions.
  • Oysters are one of the most versatile mushrooms. They are easy to cultivate and common all over the world.
  • Oyster mushrooms are ultra-fresh, natural and delicious persillades, velvety, omelettes, stuffing, fried ... at your leisure. Enjoy your self grown mushroom with your family & friends.
  • Harvest and cook with tasty recipe. Boost your immunity.
  • Gro oyster mushroom growing kit contains all required materials include sterilized straw/Sawdust required for starting mushroom farming.

    Simple organic method for mushroom farming.  
  • Step 1: Break the spawn packet into fine grains and mix it to given straw/sawdust  substrate in ration of 10% of dry weight and fill it into pp plastic bags.
  • Step 2: Make 10 small size holes into your cylindrical bags and let it rest for the next 15 days. Don’t spray over water or anything. Spray water only two to four  times per day, Mycelium shall run throughout bag in this period.
  • Step 3: After 15 days, make 5 finger size large holes into your bags and start spraying water twice a day. Within a week mushrooms will start growing.
  • Step 4: Spray water every day after harvesting for the next two months you can enjoy mushrooms.


Kit contain 
Poly cover = 1 (Round shape)
Cotton: 5 GM
Sawdust: 700 GM
Oyster General spawn: 200 GM

Pickup Address: Davangere, KARNATAKA, 577001
Address of origin: