Multiplex Zinmax Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate 39.5% Zn Micronutrient Fertilizer
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Technical details: Zinc Oxide Suspension Concentrate (39.5% Zn)

Zinc is one of the micronutrients required by plants in small amounts, but yet crucial to plant development.

In plants, Zinc activates enzymes that are responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins, nitrogen metabolism and energy transfer.

It is used in the formation of chlorophyll, some carbohydrates, conversion of starch to sugars.

It helps the plant to withstand cold temperatures.

Zinc is essential in the formation of auxins, which helps in growth regulation and stem elongation.

Zinc deficiency occurs when plant growth is limited because the plant cannot take up sufficient quantities of this essential micronutrient from its growing medium.

It is one of the most widespread micronutrient deficiencies in crops Visible deficiency symptoms

include: Chlorosis (Yellowing of leaves; often interveinal; in some species, young leaves are the most affected, but in others both old and new leaves are chlorotic), Necrotic spots (Death of leaf tissue on areas of chlorosis), Bronzing of leaves (Chlorotic areas may turn bronze coloured), Rosetting of leaves (Zinc-deficient dicotyledons often have shortened internodes, so leaves are clustered on the stem), Stunting of plants (Small plants may occur as a result of reduced growth or because of reduced internode elongation), Little leaf (Small leaves that often show chlorosis, necrotic spots or bronzing) and Malformed leaves (Leaves are often narrower or have wavy margins).

MULTIPLEX ZINMAX is a stable suspension concentrate formulation containing high concentration of ZINC for foliar application to prevent and treat zinc defficiency on various crops.


Dissolve 1.5 ml to 2 ml of Multiplex Zinmax in one litre of water and spray on plants.


• Corrects Zinc deficiency effectively

• Helps in the absorption and utilization of other nutrients applied to soil

• Cost effective in terms of nutrient supply and quantity required

• Improves the quality and quantity of the yield by about 20-30%

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