Melia Dubia Seeds Malaivembu Tree Seed, Best to Sow seeds, High Germination
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Company / Manufacture Pioneer Agro Industry
Country of origin: India




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Melia dubia Seed Description:

Seed sowing:

It is best to sow seeds during March – April. Cleaned and dried seeds should be sown in the open raised nursery beds, in drilled lines, 5 cm apart. Seeds do not germinate in sand. They have to be sown in soil: farm yard manure medium in the ratio 2:1. A 1:1 ratio can also be adopted. About 6-7 kg of dried drupes containing about 1500 numbers are required for one standard nursery bed. The seeds sown need to be watered regularly, twice a day. At places where daytime temperature is not very high, or where nursery beds are in shade, the bed should be covered with a tarpaulin sheet to retain temperature in the medium. Germination occurs within 90 days.


Vegetative propagation :

Juvenile stem cuttings and coppice shoots respond well to 1000 – 2000 ppm IBA (liquid formulation). Coppice from older trees responds better to rooting. Pencil thick cuttings need to be taken for propagation. Thin shoots are easily susceptible to root rot. The shoots can be placed on sand medium and watered twice a day. A provision for drainage is a must as water logging destroys the shoots. Season also plays a major role in the rooting of cuttings. Drier seasons are conducive for rooting. About 75 per cent rooting can be obtained.


The species is very sensitive to transplantation and hence care must be taken while prickling seedlings from bed or transplanting rooted shoots to bags.

Plantation management

A spacing of 5 x 5 m is optimal while a spacing of 8 x 8 m is ideal. Growth is enhanced with the application of fertilizers. Regular irrigation is required for fast growth of the trees. Initial growth is hastened with daily watering and application of fertilizers once in three months for the first three years. Under rainfed conditions, the growth is slow (almost 100 % less). The tree branches at 8-10 m from ground. Pruning every six months controls branching. The bole is straight, round, without any knots and without any buttress.


The tree attains a volume of 15 cu. ft. at the end of 15 years and earns revenue of Rs. 350 per cubic foot from the 5th year onwards. Growth rate ranges from 20-25 cm per year when intensively managed and 6 to 8 cm per year in unmanaged plantations. It is expected to produce 12 to 15 Cuft. ( 0.4 - 0.5 cu.m) of timber in 5 years time. Presently Melia fetches Rs. 7300/- per tonne for billets of girth 50-120 cm girth and above Rs.370 per CFT (0.02 cu.m.) for trees which have attained a girth > 120 cm.

Pickup Address: Coimbatore, TAMIL NADU, 641004
14, Pudur Main Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu 641004
Address of origin: 14, Pudur Main Road, Peelamedu, Coimbatore, Tamil nadu 641004

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29th July,2021

Sow seeds during March April.

Subhash kumar
5th June,2020

Seeds quality can be said good and brand is also best one thank you

6th April,2020

Seed germination is good

30th March,2020

Best quality seeds its very good germination ratio and best delivery services

3rd January,2020

Good quality seeds and excellent customer service