Magic Virox Plus An Organic Bio Herbal Virus Controller Product (Indian Vedic Technology)
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Company / Manufacture Infinite Biotech Co.
Country of origin: India




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Magic ViroX Plus – Highly Pure Organic Bio Herbal Viricide

Magic ViroX Plus is a combination of rare herbs that quickly controls/ deactivates the virus and helps plants to grow fast and increase yield.

Magic ViroX Plus is highly effective product used to protect crops from all types of viral diseases, it also
improves immunity against them

Magic ViroX Plus contains a very potent active compound


Magic ViroX plus helps for multiplication of microbes in many folds It acts effectively by enhancing the plant's internal defense system and providing renewed vitality to the
plant by increasing resistance of plant by deactivating all types of viruses.

Having specialty characteristics of Rapid penetration within the leaf surface and immediate translaminar action.

It can be used as a preventive and curative measure Crop Spectrum: Vegetables, Melons, Fruits, Root/ tuber crops, Leguminous, Sugar crops, Cereals, Fiber crops, etc… Also works effectively in green-houses/ Net-houses.

Target Diseases & Viruses: Diseases and leaf curl caused by viral infections like Potato Virus, Cucumber Mosaic Virus, Yellow Leaf Curl Virus, Yellow Vein Virus, Ring Spot Virus, Pox Virus, Mosaic Virus, and many others.

Focused Ingredients: Combination of rare medicinal herbs

Mode of Action: Magic ViroX Plus enters the plant through stomatal holes/ openings and is translocated into the plant system through the vascular bundles. On entering the affected plant cells, Magic Virox Plus encapsulates viral particles.

Magic ViroX Plus opens conductive tissues blocked by virus particles and plant cells begin to heal, start to recover and new leaves emerge virus free. It remains effective for @ 15 days after spraying.

Dosage & Application: Foliar Spray @ 50 ml per pump, Repeat after 15 days (if necessary).

Recommendation: It is recommended to use MAGIC ROOTS (4G Nano PGR) along with Magic ViroX Plus for fast and quality growth

Address of origin: Ahmedabad, GUJARAT, 380051