Jivit F1 Hybrid Bhindi JS 200 Seeds, Five Ridged Fruits, Medium Heighted Plants
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Company / Manufacture Jivit Seeds
Country of origin: India




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Okra is a type of green vegetable, long finger-like, having a small tip at the tapering end. Okra is a crop of tropical and subtropical climates. It requires a long warm and humid growing season. The crop growth is vigorous during the rainy season compared to spring and summer. Seeds of okra fail to germinate below 20°C temperature and the optimum temperature for seed germination is 29°C

Variety Details

  • Medium height plants

  • Closely placed nodes

  • Dark green colored fruits

  • Five ridged

  • Average fruit weight 12-14 gms

  • Good shelf life

  • Seed Rate: 10-20 Kg per acre

Pickup Address: NEW DELHI, DELHI, 110042
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