Jivit F1 Hybrid Watermelon Striped Indian Seeds, Oblong Shaped Medium Maturity Variety
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Company / Manufacture Jivit Seeds
Country of origin: India




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It is a warm season crop mainly grown in tropical and subtropical regions. Generally, a long period of warm, preferably dry weather with abundant sunshine is required. It is susceptible to frost. Excess humidity will promote the attack of diseases and insect pests. For good quality and sweetness, dry weather during the fruit development is necessary. It requires a tropical climate and fairly high temperature (35-40°C) during fruit development. Cool nights and warm days are ideal for the accumulation of sugars in the fruits. Maturity is hastened if nights are warm. The average temperature for growth should be around 30-35°C with a maximum of around 40°C and a minimum between 20 and 25°C. The optimum temperature range of 18-25°C is required for germination

Variety details:

  • Oblong medium maturity hybrid

  • Light green color with dark green stripes

  • Deep crimson flesh with a granular texture

  • Ready in 80 to 85 days after sowing

  • Average weight: 8 to 10kg

  • Seed Rate: 300-350 Gms per acre

Sowing time (North):

  • Mid Jan - Mar

  • Nov - Dec (under protection)

Sowing time (South):

  • Nov - Dec

Pickup Address: NEW DELHI, DELHI, 110042
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