Jivit F1 Hybrid Hind Cabbage Seeds, Compact Plant with Fewer Outer Leaves
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Company / Manufacture Jivit Seeds
Country of origin: India




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Cabbage is a leafy vegetable from the wide family of “brassicas”. It is grown annually, and we eat its dense green or purple leaves in many different dishes Cabbage grows best in a cool moist climates and is very hardy to frost even at the head formation stage. In a dry climates its quality becomes poor and much of its delicate flavor is lost. It is grown mainly as a winter crop. It can tolerate high or low temperatures as compared to cauliflower. It is rich in vitamin C and high in minerals and proteins.

Variety details:

  • Compact plant with fewer outer leaves
  • Round and compact bluish-green heads with an excellent field staying capacity
  • Ready in 60 to 65 days
  • Average weight 1.3 to 1.5kg
  • Tolerant to black rot and fusarium
  • Seed rate: 210-245 Gms per acre

Sowing time (North):

  • Sep-Oct (Plains)
  • Apr – Oct (Hills)

Sowing time (South):

  • Aug – Nov (Plains)
  • Jan – Feb (Hills)
  • Jul – Aug (Hills)
  • Sep-Oct (Hills)
Pickup Address: NEW DELHI, DELHI, 110042
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