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  • Jaivizyme 250 ml Nutrition Supplement (Organic IMO Certified)

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CompositionPotassium Humate 10.00 % w/v min and Aqua media 90.00 % w/v max.
CropsTomato, Potato, Paddy, Cucurbites, Chillies, Okra, Cotton, Ornamental Flowers, grapes and Others Vegetables.
AdvantagesA Novel formula containing potassium humate and inherent nutrient to obtain optimum crop output. Nutritients are derived from organic matter which is rich in mineral and organic substances essential for plant growth.
Dosage      2 ml per litre of water 

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

31st May,2018

As a premium nutritional growth stimulant and supplement for healthier crops and yields.

kumar saini
28th May,2019

Good Nutrition Supplement