IMMUNO Flower Booster, Flower Stimulator, Boost Up The Immune System, Better Flower Enhancer.
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Immuno is a new formulated Natural flower stimulator, It enriches the Vegetative growth till flowering stage.

Mode Of Action:-

IMMUNO will encourage vigor in the plant growth cycle as it consists of nutritional deporting minerals and enzymes. It contains elements called natural plant hormones. i.e. Auxins, Cytokinins, Gibberellins and Betaines, required in minor proportions, but they do contribute to the overall plant health. The natural plant auxins are a major hormonal component that regulates the speed at which the plant develops. Auxins, have a tendency to increase the Growth and flower buds to unfold at the right time.

Product Usage benefit to customer

Improves the aging process in plants also known as the senescence.

Boost up the Immune system.

Better flower enhancer & Flower Stimulator.

Controls the Flower Drops.

Stimulates the Flower organisms and ensure healthy fruit set.

Improves the Fruit setting and healthy shining.

Improves the Disease resistance.

No Chemicals, either solvent or Stabilizer. Toxic free No burning issue on Plants.

Organic Product Certified IFOAM/BIOCERT & Telangana State Organic Certification Authority.

Method of Application

Foliar Application & Drip Irrigation.

Foliar Application -3-5 Ml per ltr of water

Drip Irrigation-2-3 Ltr per Acre.

Recommended Crops:

Vegetables:- Tomato, Chillis, Capsicum, Water Melons and Mask Melons Guards Ridge, Bitter.

Fruit Plants: -Banana , Papaya ,Mango, Guava, Lemon, Orange, Grapes etc.

Flowers:- Rose, Cut Flowers, Chrysanthemum, Mari gold etc.

Ingredients:- Alginic Acid, Organic Silica, Crude proteins & Vitamins


Composition :

Alginic & Organic Acid : 30%
Crude Proteins & Vitamins : 30%
Seaweed Extract & Anti Oxidants : 25%
Aqueous Media : 15%  

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Pickup Address: Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360001
SY.NO. 255, PLOT NO.3, EAST PART, KUNTLOOR (V), HAYATHNAGAR, R.R. DIST., Hyderabad, Telangana 501505
Address of origin: SY.NO. 255, PLOT NO.3, EAST PART, KUNTLOOR (V), HAYATHNAGAR, R.R. DIST., Hyderabad, Telangana 501505

Satisfied Customer Reviews

17 Satisfied Ratings
4th June,2023

Kaisa hai dekhega

Morjem Molla
12th March,2023

Very powerfull. very effective

H B Todiwala
9th October,2022

The product is excellent

Shubham yadu
24th September,2022

Excellent Product for Fruits. Vegetables and Flowers.

25th July,2021

I used this product, result is best for flowering

Virendra rathod
21st July,2021

Can I use for soyabin?

10th July,2021

I have used this product in my chillii crops and have got really good flowering

Raj patel
13th November,2020

Papaya special is good product and result is good

31st July,2020

Immune booster is product that will help us to give a good and health growth

27th July,2020

Thank you so much agribegri now my flowers are not falling and improving growth

19th June,2020

Have used in flowers got a good result

27th March,2020

Boost up the Immune system.

Ramija begam
5th February,2020

I have used in jasmine result is great

13th December,2019

Gives amazing results on seed dressing.

Omkar singh
4th May,2019

Flowers bohat increase hue pehle se bohat achi dvai he

Kalyan desai
1st May,2019

Acha product hai

Prakhas jha
1st March,2019

On time delivery and good for my plant. thanks