ICL Booster NPK 08-16-39, Nutrivant Foliar Nutrition Line, 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer Mixture for Foliar Application
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Company / Manufacture Israel Chemicals Limited
Country of origin: India




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  • Nutrivant is designed as a preventive foliar product being part of a complete fertilizer plan. The Nutrivant range comprises fully soluble formulations that contain both macro, meso, and micro-nutrients and a specially designated trace mix for every crop’s need. All Nutrivant products contain an advanced adjuvant called FertiVant. The FertiVant technology improves the efficiency of Nutrivant. Nutrivant requires a lower volume of spray for application, reducing the nutrient cost per hectare. It can be easily tank-mixed with a large number of plant protection products. Foliar feeds from Nutrivant fit into all fertilization programs and are chloride-free and fully soluble.

  • Ingredients: Nitrogen:08, Phosphorus:16, Potassium:39

  • Recommended for Fruits, Vegetables, Commercial crops, etc.

  • Increase flowering and fruiting.

  • Reduce flower dropping and increase disease resistance.

  • Increase nutrient use efficiency and uptake

  • Brand Name: Nutrivant

  • Directions: Application at flowering and flower setting stage. Avoid spraying in periods of unfavorable conditions (e.g. bright sunlight, high midday temperatures, high evaporation periods). Can be mixed with many fungicides/insecticides. (Please check the compatibility)

  • For Best results spray in the Early morning and late afternoon.


Address of origin: BINDKI, UTTAR PRADESH, 212635