PI Industries HUMESOL Humic Acid 18% Fulvic Acid 1.5%, Aqueous Concentrated Solution, Improves Plant Metabolism, Nutrition's, Action On Soil And Plant
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HUMESOL is a concentrated aqueous mixture of humic substances that is suitable for soil (broadcast, band, and drip) and foliar application in food, fruit, vegetable plantations, cash & ornamental crops, and turf. It is formulated from the Leonardite mine found in North Dakota which is one the richest naturally available sources of humic substances.

Trade Name: HUMESOL.

Common Name: Humic Acid 18% Fulvic Acid 1.5%.

Formulation: Aqueous Concentrated Solution.

Mode of Action: 

HUMESOL has multiple actions on both plants and soil.

While fulvic acid improves the plant metabolism and its stress resisting capabilities by entering inside the plant system, the other components of HUMESOL, humic acid & humins, improve nutrient bio-availability in the plant root zone and help in soil conditioning.

Application Method: 

HUMESOL provides the user's flexibility of application and can be applied via:

  • Soil Application (band, broadcast & drip), and Foliar Spray.


Superior nutrient solubility properties compared to Humic extract liquids leads to improved nutrient uptake with natural acidic pH; blends easily and can be tank-mixed with pesticides resulting in a reduction in application cost.

Provides full complex of humic substances to plants and soil resulting in better crops and soil.

Improved plant metabolism leads to healthier plants due to High activity in the plant and soil system.

HUMESOL is recommended to be used at the following dosages:

Via Soil application: 1000 ml/ Acre

Via Foliar spray: 500 ml/ Acre

Address of origin: Sagar, MADHYA PRADESH, 470002

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29th September,2022

I really like to buy from agribegri.com Delivery on time. Customer care service also very quick. I ordered Humesol one litter and Dixita maam helped me a lot to know more about the product and about delivery time etc. Specially thank you Dixita ma'am and team.

24th September,2021

This is the best product for growth of plants

Parth patel
19th August,2021

Nice product

18th May,2018

T is formulated from Leonardite mine found in North Dakota which is one the richest naturally available source of humic substances.

13th February,2018