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  • Nano Technology Products with High Concentration ,small dose , High Performance and Low cost for optimum yields in all crops.

    VIGORE : It is Superior world class yield enhancer. It helps in more branching & developing vigorous root zone.Complete plant development from root to shoot.Increases yield & quality to optimum level.

    TABSIL : It is patented silicon fertilizer. it supplements silicon nutrients to the plant. Highest percentage of ortho silicic acid. Reduces disease infection and pest infestation.Prevents lodging by strengthening the plant.Increases P utilization capacity.

    NANO VIGORE: It is an unique nano technology product to profuse flowering.It provides rapid absorption & quick response from plant.It increase yield & quality to optimum levelIt can be applied on all crops where flowering plays a major role in its life cycle.

    BALANCE NANO : It is a unique combination of nutrients & special enzymes required for flower to provide complete nutrition during flowering stage.It improves flower formation and ensures maximum fruit setting. Suitable for all crops.

    VIGORE FSE : It is an advance product that helps to increase fruit size, develop uniform color & taste.It enhances vegetative growth, fruit size, fertility & post harvest storage.Fruits attain good colour, taste and good shining in turn giving more profits to farmer.

    NATURAL CAB : It is a new combination of concentrated Calcium and Boron in high % .It plays a major role during pollination, for pollen tube formation and promotes fertilization of flowers.It prevents cracking and rotting of fruits.

    High Yield Enhancer Package Kit = (VIGORE 100 grm + TABSIL  100 grm + NANO VIGORE 1 grm + BALANCE NANO 50 grm + VIGORE FSE 10 grm + NATURAL CAB 50 grm)

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Satisfied Customer Reviews

5th September,2019

provide complete nutrition during flowering stage

6th August,2019

All product in kit is really good