Vegetable Gardening Kit - Kitchen Garden Kit Small Perfect choice for Beginners In Stock

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Vegetable Garden Kit contains:

1. HDPE Grow Bags of 12x12IN : 2 Nos. ( 1kg Cocopeat 1 Brick +  650G Cocopeat 1 Brick + Organic Manure 500G + Vermi Compost 500G) for each bag

2. HDPE Grow Bag of 18x08IN : 1 No. (650G  Cocopeat 2 Brick + Organic Manure 500G+ Vermi Compost 500G)

3. Cocopeat Bricks (650G) : 6 bricks

4. Enriched Organic Manure 500G : 3  Pack

5. Enriched vermin Compost 500G : 3  Pack

6. Neem Cake Powder 500G : 1  Pack

7. Seaweed Spray (100 ml.) : 1 Bottle (For spray applications instructions see the label on the bottle)

8. Panchakavyam (100 ml.) : 1 Bottle. (For application instructions see the label on the bottle)

9. Power Mix 250G : 1 Pack (Apply 1 Teaspoon of power mix 3 inches away from the root zone every 15 days once  after 15th day of planting / sowing)

10. Nutri Pellet : 4 Pcs

11. Garden Gloves : 1 pair

12. Vegetable Seed pack : 5 different varieties Seed pack



1)  Open the Vegetable Garden Kit

2)  Take out the materials

3)  Place the coir brick inside a tub

4)  Add required quantity of water

5)  The COCO PEAT brick expands  within two / three minutes

6)  Add 1 pkt  (500 gms.)of  of Enriched Organic manure and  Add 1 pkt  (500 gms.)of  of Enriched Vermi Compost  neem cake powder   (100 gms) which are  supplied along with the kit.  Mix -thoroughly with the  expanded coco peat grow medium.

7) Now fill the mixture of coco peat + Organic Manure + Vermi Compost in the grow  bags.

 9) After this process  Sow the respective seeds placed inside the box

10) Now spray a little quantity of water. Don’t over water

11) Spray Panchakavya for better growth

12) Enjoy the harvest of fresh vegetables from your own garden.