Gaiagen RB Lure , Pheromone Lure For Rhinoceros Beetle Outdoor Plants (Oryctes Rhinoceros) and Insect Bucket Trap, IMO Certified.
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Gaiagen’s Rhinoceros Beetle Lures & Traps. Pesticide-free protection for palm plantations.

Rhinoceros Beetles (RB) is considered the world’s most devastating palm tree pest. In India too, thousands of farmers are constantly facing a risk of an unforeseen RB infestation. You can keep them under control with Gaiagen’s Rhinoceros Beetle Lures & Traps.

  • IMO Certified, 100% organic product safe for use in organic farming.
  • Recommended for use in Coconut, Dates & Oil palms.
  • Field vialbility: 120 Days, 2 traps recommended for one acre, uniformly distributed across the field.
  • Simple & compact design, patented and introduced by Gaiagen, easy to install and can be serviced without hassles, the outer surface provides an easy grip for beetles to ensure trapping without difficulty; the Combo package contains: 5 Lures & 5 Bucket Traps.
Address of origin: Banagalore, KARNATAKA, 562163