Katyayani EMA5 Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG Insecticide for Plants and Home Garden.
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Company / Manufacture Katyayani Organics
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  • Katyayani Ema5 Contains Emamectin Benzoate 5 % SG is a  multipurpose world-renowned soluble granular insecticide,  effective by its contact and stomach poison action. It is a modern insecticide of the Avermectin group.

  • Katyayani Ema5  modern quick action pest control solution is widely used for the control of Bollworm pink Bollworm, American bollworm in Cotton Pod Borer, Fruit Borer, Shoot borer in Red black green gram tomato, chili, okra  Soybean, Caterpillar, Tobacco Caterpillar, DBM  in Cabbage Deal Larvicide and insecticide pesticide for Agricultural Use Home Garden terrace Kitchen Garden, Nursery, etc detailed Dosage, and details are given along the product. 

  • Ema5 attacks via dual Action contact and stomach actionEma5 Emamectin Benzoate 5% SG has a rain-fastness of 4 hours approximately it has a remarkable translaminar action by which it controls the caterpillars present on the lower surface of the leaves. It is a good larvicide having an antifeedant effect, Larvae dies within 2-4 days of the ingestion

  • Dosage: For Domestic Use take 1 Gram of Ema5 per 1 Litre of Water. For Large Applications 80-100 grams per Acre Foliar Spray. Detailed Instruction to Use is given with the product. apply the insecticides when the incidence of larvae is first observed and repeat applications as necessary

Pickup Address: Bhopal, MADHYA PRADESH, 462016
E-7 MIG 539 Arera Colony, Bopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016
Address of origin: E-7 MIG 539 Arera Colony, Bopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016