Katyayani Propineb 70% WP Contact Fungicide For Plants Use To Cure Scab Leaf Spot Early And Late Blight In Tomato Graps Pomegrante And Rice
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  • Propineb 70% WP Propineb interferes at different locations in the metabolism of the fungi; on several points of the respiration chain, in the metabolism of carbohydrates and proteins, in the cell membranes. This multi-site mode of action of Propineb prevents the development of resistance in the fungi. it is particularly suited for use in spraying programs to combat and prevent the selection of resistant populations of the fungal pathogen. Crop. Target Disease Apple Scab Pomegranate Leaf and Fruit Spots Potato Early and Late Blight Chilli Die Back Tomato Buck Eye Rot Grapes Downy Mildew Rice Brown Leaf Spot, Narrow Leaf Spot.

    Technical: Propineb 70% W.P.
    Substance group: Carbamate
    Product type: Fungicide
    Mode of action: Contact action with protective properties and long residual activity. Multi-site activity.

    Propineb 70% WP is a contact fungicide based on Propineb Technical containing 70% w/w Propineb as the active ingredient and balance auxiliaries as insert material. Propineb is used as a foliar spray for the control of fungal diseases in different crops. Caution: - Product is very toxic to aquatic invertebrates and thus products containing the molecules may be avoided near aquaculture. * Caution Toxic to aquatic organisms hence should not be used near water bodies, aquaculture, or pisciculture.

    Propineb 70 WP would be applied as a protectant fungicide with Knapsack, sprayer. *Dilution in water as required depending upon the size of the tree and plant protection equipment.

    Dosage - 2. 5 gms/ ltr of water.

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Address of origin: E-7 MIG 539 Arera Colony, Bopal, Madhya Pradesh 462016

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