CYTO Plus Sucking Pest Controller , Effectively Controlling of Sucking Pest Especially Leaf Minor, Thrips, Melay Bug etc.
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Cyto is 100% Effectively controlling of Sucking pest especially…. on followed pest….

Leaf Minor.


Chilli Gall Mide.

Melay Bug.

White Flys.


After spray in 2-3 Hrs, you will find that 30% of insect are dead or struggling for life and other 70% are alive but stopped their eating. and after 48 Hrs you will find that 80-90 are dead.


CYTO Plus has following mode of Action:-

Insects does not have nose for breathing, they do breathing through their skin, so when their skin comes in contact with Cyto solution, Cyto dissolved their liquid of their skin holes, So their holes get swelling and they cannot breath, they die by suffocation in 3Hrs.

Other Cannot eat due to repellent smell of Cyto, due to its test their ability to identify food get destroyed and they stop eating, also they can not identify female so stop reproduction. This happen due to very spicy smelling and air floating molecules of Cyto.

As Cyto act dissolve body fluid of insect in first mode of action, on the same way, Cyto dissolve insect egg covers, so when Cyto spray comes in contact with eggs, these eggs get dissolved and get dead.

After Spray 2-3 Hrs, you will find that 30% of insect are dead or struggling for life and other 70% are alive but stopped their eating. and after 48 Hrs you will find that 90-100% are dead.

Organic Product Certified by IFOAM/Biocert & Telangana State Organic Certification authority.

No Chemical either in stabilizer or preservative is used.

Ideal for IPM Strategies can be used till the last day of Harvesting.


Recommended Crops:-

Vegetables :-Chilli’s,Tomato’s, Brinjal, Bhendi, Capsicum, Melons, Bitter gourd, Ridge Gourd

Suitable for all crops like Paddy, Cotton, Chilly, Groundnut, Potato, Cumin, Fennel, all vegetables,

flowers :-Rose, Jasmine, Chrysanthimum, Marigold,Lillis Etc..

Cereals, pulses, oilseeds and all other

Horticulture crops:-. Papaya ,Banana,Pomegranate,Citrus,Mango,

Crops:-Paddy,Sugar cane,Maze ,Etc…

It is good product for lawns, indoor plants, golf turf etc.


Method of Application

Foliar Spray – 2.5ml to 3 ml per liter of water.


Allium Sativum-15%

Acacia Concinna-20%

Zingiber Officinalis-15%

Custard Apple-45%



Other Ingredients-4%

  • Bulk Or Transport Orders Will Take 3 to 5 Days Approx For Dispatching The Order.

Address of origin: 218 star chambers, harihar chowk, near sadar bajar, Rajkot, GUJARAT, 360001

Satisfied Customer Reviews

17 Satisfied Ratings
29th September,2023

Cyto plus all sucking pest control payapa best result

Ganesh    Verified Buyers
5th September,2023

Product ka result acha he

Tusshar Aggarwal    Verified Buyers
24th September,2022

Excellent. Worked wonders upon first application

6th September,2022

This product is very useful for sucking pest i have used in my papaya field and a result is very excellent

Dixit parmar
23rd April,2022

Very good chemical to destroy insects.

16th September,2021

After 7-8 days no results

Pavan modi
25th March,2021

It is a good product for lawns, indoor plants, golf turf etc.

26th January,2021

Excellent product to control sucking pest.

6th August,2020

There were so many pest after spraying this now it is better

3rd August,2020

Got a rid of all pest

15th February,2020

It's very effective organic pesticide, good result.

21st November,2019

Your company's employee response is good and awesome packing.

Kamal Khan
7th November,2019

Really good product in my chilli i have used it and got really good result

2nd June,2019


4th May,2019

Majhe crop Madhye sucking pest ahe me upyoga kela cyto plus te changle parinam dete

Suraj sinde
1st May,2019

Maine leaf minor k liye use kiya , badiya result hai

1st March,2019

Id dont know how it works but all I know is that it killed those little worms