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Mode Of Action:-

A special defensive mechanism improves the Immune system of the plant and some of antimicrobial properties suppress and inhibit the pathogen population and multiplication.

Cureal  Stopsthe Spreading from infected plant to Healthy plants.

A High antioxidant power and enhances natural protection against pathogens,with the help of Specially made Alkaloids which we derive from Essential oils.

Benefits and Advantages:-
1.   Eco friendly Zinc Based.
2.   100% Herbal Extract No Synthetic chemical &pesticide.
3.   Compatible with all Chemical & Pesticide.
4.   Nontoxic and Environmental friendly.
5.   No residuals. Best IPM Practices 
6.   Very Economical price and multi functional
7.   Low Working Dose 2-2.5ml per Ltr of water 
8.   No chemical Toxicity and no side effects no Leaf burning etc..

CUREAL is Highly Effective and Controls the Following Diseases:-
1.   Alternaria Leaf Spot, 
2.   Septoria Leaf Spot .
3.   Cercospora Leaf Spot.
4.   Stemphylium Leaf Spot.
5.   Anthracnose and ripe Fruit Rot.
6.   Stemphylium Blight.
7.   Bacterial Blight,
8.   Phytophthora, 
9.   Coriander Stem Gall, 
10.   Carrot cavity spot
11    Damping off.

Dosage :-

Foliar Spray :- 2-2.5 ml per Ltr of  water every 7 days 3 sprays.

Drip:- 1 Ltr per Acre


Suitable for all  Vegetable crops like Tomato, Chilli, Potato,Cabbage,Carrot Leafy Vegetables  and Leafy Cucurbit family Ridge gourds, Bitter gourd,Bottle gourd, Sponge and Melons etc..
Horticulture  crops:-Pomegranate  Mango, Papaya Citrus, Banana, Dragon Fruits erc..
Commercial Crops :-Paddy,Pulses Maize,Turmeric,etc…
Flower Crops :-Rose, chrysanthemum ,Marigold, Jasmine,Lilli etc..

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