Cotton Seed Meal (Fertilizer Grade), rich in Nitrogen and a good source of other nutrients
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  • Nutrition: Natural product rich in Nitrogen and a good source of other nutrients
  • All Purpose Fertilizer:
  • Long lasting: It takes around 67-90 days for cotton seed meal to fully assimilate into soil hence it helps to reduce the fertilizer frequency.
  • Easy to use, Just dig a trench around the plant spread approximately 30 gms of product and cover it back with dug out soil.
  • Ideal fertilizer for roses, Citrus (lemon, Lime and orange) and other acid loving plants.
  • Cotton seed meal is a residue that is left after oil extraction form cotton seeds. This oil cake is an excellent source of Slow release nitrogen. Slow release ensures that there is no harm to plants even if you accidentally over apply it.
  • Apart from being slow release, it is also a good source of Phosphorus and Potassium that are vital for a plants growth. It also contains many micro nutrients like Calcium, Iron and magnesium. This means your plant gets all the nutrition it needs for its healthy growth. Other important benefit is that Cotton seed meal helps to modify the pH of soil from Alkaline to neutral or slightly acidic.
  • Alkaline soil is a result of watering plants with salty or hard water, and this causes various problems to gardeners. Use of Cotton seed meal helps solve this issue. Being rich in cellulose cotton seed meal also serves as a food source for soil living good bacteria which helps to improve your gardens soil this reduces your dependencies on fertilizers and even helps fight disease causing bacteria and makes plants resilient to soil borne pathogens. Even earthworms love cotton seed meal and can multiply with its application.
  • Cotton seed meal also helps soil to become more porous and thus allows good ventilation for roots, it also aids in water retention by soil. These are just some of the benefits to list, try it find out more.
Address of origin: Gandhidham, GUJARAT, 370205

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