RK Seeds - Avenue seeds of Cassia fistula seeds, cassia seeds + Gulmohar Seeds, Delonix regia + Rain tree seeds, Samanea saman seeds, Albizia Saman
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RK Seeds - Avenue seeds of Cassia fistula seeds, cassia seeds - 50 g + Gulmohar Seeds, Delonix regia 50 g + Rain tree seeds, Samanea saman seeds,Albizia Saman 50 g - (Pack of 3)

Cassia Fistula

The golden tree (Cassia fistula L.) is a legume tree that is used as an ornamental, for fodder and for fuel and timber.

Propagation of Cassia fistula is mainly done by seeds. Seeds have long survival and their viability can be maintained for more than 3 years . Seeds previously soaked in water or manually scarified can be directly sown or planted in containers. Seedlings raised in containers will be ready for planting out after 6 month - 1years. During the first stages of growth, seedlings require large amount of water. The golden tree is a slow growing tree that sheds its leaves every 9-10 months.

Delonix Regia

Delonix regia is a fast-growing tree with an umbrella shaped, spreading crown with the long, nearly horizontal branches forming a diameter that is wider than the tree’s height.

Delonix regia is one of the most widely cultivated ornamental plants in the world, being grown as an ornamental in gardens and by the sides of roads.

The tree is planted to provide shade in tea plantations, compounds etc.

The tree can be planted as live fence post.

It is grown on eroded sites for erosion control, and for soil rehabilitation and improvement through atmospheric nitrogen fixation.

Samanea saman

Samanea saman is an attractive, large, spreading deciduous tree with a low, dense, dome-shaped crown; it usually grows up to 30 metres tall with occasional specimens to 60 metres

A multipurpose tree, it is often cultivated for its many uses. It is particularly valued for its timber.

It is one of the most commonly planted avenue and park trees in the tropics and is also commonly grown as a shade tree for other crop

The tree is grown to provide shade for other crops, including cocoa, coffee, tea and peppers

The dome-shaped, low crown provides a very strong shade even at low sun positions

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