Chipku - Pheromone Trap Funnel with Pink Bollworm Lure for Catch Insect/Moth of Pink Bollworm (PBW) (pectinophora Gossippiella) (Lure + Trap) In Stock

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Chipku Funnel Trap/Insect Trap/Insect Catcher for (Pectinophora gossipiella) Used in Cotton, is the natural & cost effcetive way to catch and Pink boll-worm lure without using an insecticide or harmful chemicals.

It is a safe & nature-friendly product.

Usage Procedure:

1. Separate top and bottom base.

2. Open Lure Packet.

3. Insert lure in centre of the top cover.

4. Take the bottom base, make 1 knot at end of fly

5. Attach top cover and funnel case.

6. Tie the trap on a wooden stick of height of 1 meter.

Host Crops: Cotton

Targeted pest: Pink bollworm moth (pectinophora gosspiella)

Field life of lure: 45 days from date of installation

Expiry date: 1 year from date of manufacturing


1. Cost Effective/User Friendly

2. Attract Targeted pest only/Non toxic

3. Weather Proof long Lasting

4. Decrease insecticide use so recommended for organic farming.

5. Up to 45 + days field life

6. Result oriented product

7. Leak Proof Pouch Design