Calcium Amino Acid Chelate 12%, Plant Growth Promoter, Contains 12% Calcium ,30% Amino Acids
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Aminofert-Calcium’ Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Powder is prepared for foliar application on plants to prevent or correct nutrient deficiency that may limit crop growth and yield. It is non-toxic to plants when applied.

For best results, apply Aminofert-Calcium soluble powder as per recommendation based on plant tissue or soil analysis. It is approved for organic production.

Aminofert-Calcium (Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Powder) contains 12% as calcium and 30% amino acids (as protein hydrolysed).

Aminofert-Calcium (Calcium Amino Acid Chelated Powder) is off white color free flowing powder, soluble in water and clear solution.


  • As calcium is not freely mobile within plant, apical portions first shows deficiency symptoms which is
    noticed as yellowing of leaves, from edges.
  • Calcium deficiency causes poor root development.
  • New leaves show curling at edges.
  • Die back of young twigs, and stunted growth.


  • Calcium works for root development during early growth stage of plant.
  • Calcium is involved in formation of seeds and grains.
  • Calcium is essential for apical growth of plant.
  • Calcium is needed for transportation of other minerals within plant.
  • Calcium is a part of cell wall, and hence related to cell division, cell elongation process.
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