Bayer Melody Duo Iprovalicarb 5.5 + Propineb 61.25 Fungicide, It Provides Excellent Control of a Broad Range of Fungal.
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Company / Manufacture Bayer CropScience Ltd
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Technical Content: Iprovalicarb + Propineb 6675 WP (5.5% +61.25% w/w)

  • Melody Duo is a modern fungicide containing the two active ingredients Iprovalicarb and Propineb.
  • It provides excellent control of a broad range of fungal species from Oomcytes class (e.g.Plasmosporaviticola, Phytophthora spp., Pseudoperonospora spp., Peronospora spp.) with high plant compatibility.
  • The major crops in which Melody duo can be effectively used are those in which Downy mildew and Late blight are economically damaging viz. grapes and potato.


Iprovalicarb is a protective, curative and antisporulant fungicide with translaminar and acropetal mode of action. It gets distributed evenly in plants. It is an inhibitor of phospholipid biosynthesis and cell wall synthesis. Propineb is a non-specific, multi-site fungicide with protective action against germinating conidia. It works as a good curative and anti-sporulate on disease-causing pathogens. 


  • Very effective against Downy mildew in Grapes and Late blight in Potato
  • Melody duo is highly efficient – antifoulant, protective, and eradicative in action
  • Good protection of young developing leaves and shoots
  • Melody duo improves quality and disease-free produce at harvest
  • Better resistance management, because of a synergistic combination of two active ingredients


Potato: Give the first spray as soon as late blight symptoms appear on the leaves and one or two sprays more depending on the disease intensity

Grape: Give the first spray at the 3-4 leaf stage (15 days after pruning) followed by 1-2 more sprays at 10-12 days intervals based on the intensity of the disease

Dosage : 3-4 Gram per Liter.

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Address of origin: Central Avenue, Hiranandani Estate, thane, Maharashtra 400607