Gumtree Yellow Sticky Traps - Mini (250mm x 125mm) Non-Pesticide & Eco Friendly Traps for Home Garden & Green House In Stock

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Gumtree Yellow Sticky Traps - Mini (250 mm x 125 mm) Non-Pesticide & Eco-Friendly Traps for Home Garden, Balcony Garden, Poly House & Green House.

  • Contains super smooth release papers on both sides. Easy to unpack, use and store. Minimized risk of contamination to the glue area. Neat and Clean unpacking. No hassles or oiling is required. Comes with holes punched for convenience. Perforations are provided to customize the size of the trap.

  • 35% more glue area. Can be cut along provided perforations as needed. Sticky traps are usable in all weather conditions. Uses best-in-class HMPS glue. No dripping and no drying.

  • As per NPOP standards, ‘Sticky Traps’ are considered approved inputs in Organic Farming.

  • Gumtree Sticky Traps are versatile as they are user-friendly, making them the ‘Gold Standard’ among traps.

  • Our Sticky Traps effectively controls tea thrips as evaluated in field study and certified by UPASI, Tea Research Foundation.