Unlock the Power of Growth: Rise Up Rooting Hormone - Your Secret to Strong and Lush Roots!(100 grams)
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RISE UP: Introducing our rooting hormone – the secret to healthy and robust plant growth! Our rooting hormone is specially designed to promote root development in your plants, resulting in stronger, healthier, and more resilient plants.

Our rooting hormone contains a blend of natural and synthetic ingredients that stimulate root growth and development. The hormone works by encouraging the growth of new roots and increasing the number of root hairs, which in turn helps plants to absorb more nutrients and water from the soil. Our rooting hormone is easy to use, making it the perfect choice for gardeners and plant enthusiasts of all levels.

It is suitable for use on a wide range of plant types, including woody ornamentals, herbs, vegetables, and more.

With our rooting hormone, you can be confident that your plants will have strong and healthy roots, ensuring that they can grow to their full potential. So why wait? Give your plants the boost they need with our premium rooting hormone and watch them thrive!    
Dosage: Use as desired Packaging: 100 grams packet Class: Seed and plant germination
Keep out of the reach of
children, food stuff . Keep away from direct
sunlight. Keep the lid tightly closed after use.

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24th December,2020

Good product, specially the root growing hormones.