Easykrishi Virikure, Virucide For All Crops, Effective Anti-Viral Product To Protect Crops. from All types of Viral Diseases VIRICIDE
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Guard your plants with the ultimate shield – our virikure for plants. This specialized formula is designed to fortify your green companions against harmful viruses, ensuring their well-being and vitality. From leafy wonders to blooming beauties, trust our virikure to create a resilient defense, fostering a garden of health. Elevate your plant care game and let nature’s antivirus be the guardian of your botanical haven. Embrace a flourishing garden with the protective touch of virikure for plants.

Dosage:- 5ml/ litre of water (1000ml/ acre) 

Shake the bottle well before use

Method of application:-

Traditional drenching or foliar spraying.apply at early infestation stages for effective control. Suggested application: 3 sprays at 4-6 day intervals, with follow-up spraying after 12-15 days if needed. Ensure thorough coverage of leaves, including the underside of leaves, branches and stem. Avoid spraying during rain, and consider using adjuvants if rain is expected.

Crops: Tomato, chilly, capsicum, okra, cucumber,.paddy squash, beans, vegetables, fruits, etc.

Disease names: leaf curl virus, mosaic virus, pox virus, ring spot virus, etc.

Diseases like: leaf blight, leaf spot, cankers, backerial blight, cucumber mosaic virus, leaf curl virus, yellow vein mosaic, papaya mosaic virus etc.

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No. 59/A, 13th cross, Opp. East-West public school, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore, 560086
Address of origin: No. 59/A, 13th cross, Opp. East-West public school, Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore, 560086